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The Little Duck -Sikihpsis (1999)

Author: Beth Cuthand Illustrator: by Mary Longman
Theytus Publishing: Penticton, BC

A Cree children’s story about a little mud duck who lost his flock and decided he wanted to join the Cree camp beside his pond and become a dancer. One day he decided to dress up like a Cree dancer and walk to the camp. While he was welcomed into the dance, the people could not understand his language. Discouraged, feeling he did not fit in, he sadly went back to his pond. One day he heard a familiar sound in the sky and it was his flock, and he happily joined them. The story of Little Duck book teaches lessons of the importance of belonging, self-worth, being true to yourself, and being proud of your identity. The book includes the story in Cree syllabics at the end.